The Cosby Show – Night and Day

This is probably one of the most memorable tv scenes of all time.  The Cosby show itself was great for so many reasons, but it was episodes like this that really set it apart.  I watched this show so many years ago and I always remembered this song even before I knew it was a Ray Charles song and I remembered Rudy signing her part.  This just made you wish you had a family like the Huxtables.  Everything about this scene was perfect. Don’t you all agree? This would definitely be on the top 10 for tv shows.


2 Responses to “The Cosby Show – Night and Day”

  1. This scene is definitely memorable, but my personal favorite from the Cosby Show was the episode where Theo brought home a bad report card, made this long heart-felt speech about how his dad should accept him for who he is, then Cliff goes “Theo, that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” Classic! (

  2. Both “Nightime is the Right Time” and Theo’s report card scenes were just awesome. I never get tired watching!

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