Kill Bill Vol I – O-Ren-Ishii Collects Heads

Kill Bill Vol. I is one of my favorite movies. The scene that I have chosen as one of the most memorable is the one where O-Ren-Ishii kills Boss Tanaka. Lucy Liu does an AMAZING job. I love when she runs across the table so effortlessly and severs his head. The she proceeds to relay her message to the other bosses in English (brilliant), at first in the calmest and most gentle of voices. Finally, she tells them that if any of them have anything else to say now is the time (of course she puts it differently). Absolute classic. Enjoy.


2 Responses to “Kill Bill Vol I – O-Ren-Ishii Collects Heads”

  1. This scene definitely was one of my favorites of the movie. I lost a lot of respect for Ms. Liu’s acting abilities because of Charlie’s Angels, but she regained it with this scene.

  2. Buzziebody Says:

    I loved Kill Bill Vol. I, not so much II; I loved the story telling, the music and the anime. O-Ren-Ishii’s part was probably my favorite, from the time we were introduced to her as a little girl until the top of her head was cut off and she lightly commented that the sword was authentic. I’m not sure how much of the Japanese culture O-Ren-Ishii represented but I loved that she wore kimonos and sandals down to the fact that she took off her sandals in the snow before the fight scene. I even liked her young body guard who giggled. Hands down the hottest scenes and storyline in this movie came from O-Ren-Ishii.

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