A Different World – Dwayne get’s his woman back

Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert are probably my favorite tv/movie couple of all time (and yes I have a list). We waited so many seasons for these two to finally get together and then finally get married. We had to wait for Dwayne to dump Ki-nu(however you spell her damn name) and we had to wait for Whitley to get over herself, Julian, and Byron. I still remember watching the original airing on NBC and everyone at school the next day was talking about it. I love D&W, so you should expect more clips from this power couple and this show as a whole.

The sound from this clip is not in sync with the video but this is all that i could find. I will try to find a better clip later. Enjoy.


2 Responses to “A Different World – Dwayne get’s his woman back”

  1. Buzziebody Says:

    You are on point with picking this clip as a classic TV moment. When I think about this particular scene I almost get teary eyed because of its magnificence and power. I want someone to love me like that…. Whit and Dwayne had a lot of ups and downs and I’m glad their characters were able to finally get it together and get together. So long Kinu-cocola its Mrs. Whitley Gilbert Wayne forever!!

  2. I loved the wedding, such a great episdoe! Do you know of any other websites (besides youtube) where I can see more A Different World Clips?

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