Dirty Dancing – Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Ok, maybe this is the ultimate chick flick but I truly think everyone should appreciate this movie. All of the dance scenes were awesome and Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze were amazing. You can’t tell me that you watched this movie and didn’t want to dance like them. Pure hotness! I chose this scene because of course it has Swayze’s best line in the movie but also because the two of them kick a$$ when they dance this final number. Enjoy and remember “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner.”


One Response to “Dirty Dancing – Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner”

  1. Jason Friday Says:

    My high school girlfriend loved this movie so I had to watch it a lot. I might have eventually learned to enjoyed it, but I couldn’t get past the age gap. What was she, like 16? Baby’s dad (RIP Jerry Orbach) should’ve kicked Johnny’s old ass and had him arrested for statutory rape.

    If I had a daughter, I wish a MF’er would come at me with that “Nobody puts baby in a corner” bullsh!t.

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