Fresh Prince – Stuck in a Basement

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“I’m stuck in a basement sitting on a tricycle…” I’m sure most Fresh Prince fans can finish that song. This is a great scene with Will and Tisha Campbell. Love it. Enjoy.


A Different World – Dwayne get’s his woman back

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Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert are probably my favorite tv/movie couple of all time (and yes I have a list). We waited so many seasons for these two to finally get together and then finally get married. We had to wait for Dwayne to dump Ki-nu(however you spell her damn name) and we had to wait for Whitley to get over herself, Julian, and Byron. I still remember watching the original airing on NBC and everyone at school the next day was talking about it. I love D&W, so you should expect more clips from this power couple and this show as a whole.

The sound from this clip is not in sync with the video but this is all that i could find. I will try to find a better clip later. Enjoy.

American Beauty – Lester gets serious

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American Beauty is one of those movies that I probably wouldn’t have watched unless someone suggested it but I’m glad I did. It instantly became one of my favorites. Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening were superb. This is the dinner scene where Lester tells his wife that he has quit his job. It’s actually a very funny scene because the acting was so great. Lester is calm and collected while Carolyn is a rambling nutcase all the while their daughter is caught in the middle. Enjoy.

Friends – Cupping

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You know I can’t just have one scene from Friends that I love so this one is a great start. This is the scene where Chandler comes back from Joey’s tailor and tells Joey and Ross that the tailor took advantage of him. This scene is absolutely hilarious. I laughed so hard the first time I saw it. The best part of the scene is Ross’ response to Joey. I love it. Enjoy.

Love and Basketball – Q, Monica and Maxwell

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This scene is my absolute favorite from a movie that I love and will never get tired of watching.  Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps were perfect in their roles destined lovers.  I am sure that I was not  the only one to get chills from watching this scene.  It was passionate, sexy, and emotional.  Not only did the stars do a good job, but the music was on point.  “This Woman’s Work” by Maxwell sure got a lot of play on my ipod after hearing it in the movie.  And I’m almost positive that some of made your own little love scene to this joint. 

Note: The video quality on this one is terrible. I will have to find another version of this so I apologize in advance.


Kill Bill Vol I – O-Ren-Ishii Collects Heads

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Kill Bill Vol. I is one of my favorite movies. The scene that I have chosen as one of the most memorable is the one where O-Ren-Ishii kills Boss Tanaka. Lucy Liu does an AMAZING job. I love when she runs across the table so effortlessly and severs his head. The she proceeds to relay her message to the other bosses in English (brilliant), at first in the calmest and most gentle of voices. Finally, she tells them that if any of them have anything else to say now is the time (of course she puts it differently). Absolute classic. Enjoy.

The Cosby Show – Night and Day

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This is probably one of the most memorable tv scenes of all time.  The Cosby show itself was great for so many reasons, but it was episodes like this that really set it apart.  I watched this show so many years ago and I always remembered this song even before I knew it was a Ray Charles song and I remembered Rudy signing her part.  This just made you wish you had a family like the Huxtables.  Everything about this scene was perfect. Don’t you all agree? This would definitely be on the top 10 for tv shows.